Britain's fattest cat put on diet after getting too fat to clean herself

All food and no exercise makes a fat cat.

Jason Fan| November 21, 07:59 PM

Sometimes, you've got to stop eating and start watching your weight.

This is the case for a four-year old cat, known as "Britain's fattest cat", who weighs a whopping 9.5kg.

This is apparently double the weight of a healthy cat.

Too fat to clean herself

According to The Mirror, four-year-old Paisley moved into the Cats Protection's National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex after her owner could not cope with her anymore.

Paisley's weight problems appear to stem from being overfed by her previous owner, along with a lack of exercise and a poor diet.

According to Tania Marsh, deputy manager of the rescue centre, Paisley ate too much and had little opportunity for exercise.

"Paisley was loved with food if you like. She was a mainly indoor cat and didn't go outside that much so there was a lack of opportunity for exercise," she said.

Staff at the rescue centre had to help her clean herself, as she had grown too large to do so on her own.

Paisley found a new home

According to The Mirror, Paisley already found a new home, after being put up for adoption on Oct. 17.

She was given a vet-prescribed diet to help her lose weight, and her new healthy lifestyle has already begun helping her shed the pounds.

However, she would have to maintain her new diet in her new home, as she remains vulnerable to health risks such as diabetes.

"There are so many health risks that are coming her way because of her weight such as diabetes and heart problems," said Tania.

Paisley has to eat specially-formulated cat food, which has less calories and allows her to feel fuller for longer.

She also needs to go for regular check-ups with her vet, in order to ensure that she does not lose weight too quickly, since it may lead to a fatty liver.

Top image from Luke Matthews/Twitter.