Beauty bazaar in Redhill criticised for poor crowd management & long queues

Some found it a wasted trip.

Fasiha Nazren| November 22, 10:28 PM

Nov. 21 was the first day of the three-day BeautyFresh Christmas bazaar.

But it seems that not everyone enjoyed the bazaar.

Very long queues

Patrons have uploaded photos of the long queues that extended to outside of the warehouse in Redhill.

Unfortunately, the rainy weather and lack of shelter made things worse.

Photo from Tin Arellano Salvador in Facebook

And this is what it looks like inside:

Photo from Eunj Loh on Facebook

Photo from Eunj Loh on Facebook

Photo from Eunj Loh on Facebook

According to one patron, the queue for payment extended all the way to the third floor when the bazaar was located on the fourth floor.

Screenshot from BeautyFresh's Facebook page

The same patron also alleged that she spent four hours on queuing. 

Screenshot from BeautyFresh's Facebook page

Others found it a wasted trip:

Queue closed early

Following the long queues, BeautyFresh made a post on Facebook on  Nov. 21 announcing that they will be closing their queues at 5pm in an attempt to control the situation.

This post, however, was posted at 5:41pm.

Photo from Sharon Kwek on Facebook

This was because of the three-hour waiting time.

Screenshot from BeautyFresh's Facebook page

Attempts to improve situation

But it seems like BeautyFresh management did try to improve the situation.

Yesterday (Nov. 21), for example, customers queuing outside received a bottle of mineral water, which was appreciated as they had been standing outside for "more than an hour".

Screenshot from BeautyFresh's Facebook page

On the second day of the sale, they updated their Facebook and Instagram pages frequently with the queue times, which fluctuated between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.

Mothership has reached out to BeautyFresh for a statement and will update this article when they reply.

Top image by Tin Arellano Salvador & Eunj Loh on Facebook