Hong Kong police officer shot in leg by arrow during escalation of protest violence


Tanya Ong | November 17, 2019, 05:25 PM

A Hong Kong police officer was recently struck in the leg by an arrow earlier today (Nov. 17) at around 2pm.

Police officer hit in calf by arrow

The incident took place at the junction of Chatham Road South and Austin Road, near the Polytechnic University, where police said rioters had been occupying roads and using "lethal weapons" against the police officers.

These included bricks, petrol bombs, bows and arrows, according to the authorities.

This event was following an escalation of violence in Hong Kong this weekend, with protesters reportedly lighting fires and hurling petrol bombs at Polytechnic University in Kowloon.

The Hong Kong police tweeted four rather graphic images of the injury:

Twitter @hkpoliceforce

Twitter @hkpoliceforce

Twitter @hkpoliceforce

Twitter @hkpoliceforce

Hong Kong police said that the injured officer was conveyed to the hospital in a conscious state.

Police condemns such violent acts

The officer was injured while carrying out media liaison duties, and journalists were also present at the scene when it happened.

The police said that such an attack "poses a grave threat to the safety of every person at the scene" and they severely condemn the violent acts of all rioters.

They are conducting dispersal and arrest operations, they added.

This is their Twitter thread:

Top photo via HK police.