Macau billionaire reportedly pays model S$52 million fee after break-up

He is apparently still legally married to his wife.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 01, 2019, 11:35 PM

Macau gambling tycoon Alvin Chau is a rich man.

According to some reports, he is worth no less than US$2 billion.

He also has quite the relationship history.

Chau and model/ actress Mandy Lieu were first spotted in various events together back in 2014.

Such as:

Image from HK Daily

Lieu also spoke to the media about how she was developing a relationship with the tycoon.

The only problem was, the tycoon was married at the time.

Lieu said she did not know about his marriage, but the relationship carried on even after that realisation.

In fact, late-2014 saw both Lieu and Chau's legal wife, Heidi Chan, pregnant with Chau's child.

While Chan did request a divorce upon discovery of the affair, Chau rejected it.

Lieu then went on to bear two more of Chau's children in a span of five years.

Supposedly ended

Five years later though, the relationship has reportedly ended.

Apple Daily reported that the two have split up after five years, and three children together.

According to Yahoo, HK01 reported that there had been speculation about the breakup for a while now, with Chau rarely seen in London, where the model resides.

According to Jaynestars, Chau paid the model a HKD300 million "breakup fee", and he will also pay child support.

The same report claimed that the breakup resulted after Chau continuously refused to get a divorce from Chan.

Lieu had apparently wanted an "official title" but had given up.

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Image from Visual China Group via Getty Images and Hk.On.Cc