S'pore police investigating pro-China HK resident for organising protest discussion gathering here

Alex Yeung claimed he was in Singapore only for business.

Jason Fan| November 07, 11:53 PM

A Hong Kong resident who allegedly organised a gathering in Singapore for interested persons to discuss their views on the ongoing Hong Kong protests is currently being investigated by the police.

Alex Yeung, who is known for his pro-China views, had his passport impounded, although the police clarified that he is neither arrested nor in police custody, and is free to go about his activities within Singapore.

Foreigners in Singapore must abide by our laws

On Oct. 11, the police were alerted to the planned event involving Yeung, who is a Hong Kong resident.

The event was initially held at Kimoto Gastro bar located at The [email protected] Bay, but it eventually shifted to the public area in the vicinity of The Promontory at Marina Boulevard.

The police stated that organising or participating in a public assembly without a police permit in Singapore is illegal and constitutes an offence under the Public Order Act.

"The police will not grant any permit for assemblies that advocate political causes of other countries. Foreigners visiting or living in Singapore should abide by our laws," said the police.

Who is Alex Yeung?

Yeung is the founder of the Wah Kee chain of restaurants in Hong Kong, and is known for his pro-China views.

On Sep. 12, Chinese state media CGTN reported that he became a target of online bullying, after he filmed videos showing the equipment and weapons used by student protesters.

Yeung claimed that based on what he saw, the protests were organised and planned, leading him to believe that there is a consortium backing up the protesters.

Although Western media such as BBC and CNN often refer to the ongoing protests as a "leaderless movement", Chinese media often echo the view that the protests are due to foreign intervention in Hong Kong.

He is often lambasted in social media by Hongkongers for pro-China views, with many claiming that he is spreading fake news with his videos.

On Nov. 4, Yeung uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, where he told his viewers not to listen to the protesters' calls to go to the embassy in Singapore to show their support for him, as it will escalate the situation.

"This entire situation is not related to the Singapore government, nor is it related to the Chinese government. It is simply the case of a Hong Kong resident who is suspected of doing something illegal in Singapore, and is currently under investigation," he said.

He also stated that he will not seek help from the Chinese embassy in Singapore, stating that he did not want relations to be soured between the two nations because of his own troubles with the law here.

"If the Singapore police conclude their investigations and come to the conclusion that I have breached the law in Singapore, then I will accept the punishment," Yeung said.

He stated that he trusts the Singapore police and rule of law, and claimed that he was merely here for business, and had no intent to advocate any causes.

Top image from Alex Yeung's YouTube channel. 


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