98.4 % of primary school students qualified for secondary school, 4th year in a row

Four in a row.

Sulaiman Daud| November 21, 01:00 PM

Primary school students collected their PSLE results at 11am on Nov. 21, putting an end to months of agony for both students and parents.

For the fourth straight year in a row, 98.4 per cent of students did well enough to progress to a secondary school, with 39,622 out of 40,256 doing so.

Breakdown of courses

The same percentage of students achieved this in 2018, 2017 and 2016, the best performance since PSLE itself was introduced in 1960

Here's the breakdown:

  • 66.3 per cent are eligible for the Express course.
  • 21 per cent are eligible for the Normal (Academic) course.
  • 11.2 per cent are eligible for the Normal (Technical) course.

T-Scores to Achievement Levels

2019 will be the penultimate year in which students will receive PSLE results calculated in terms of T-Scores.

Students taking the PSLE in 2021 will be graded by Achievement Levels instead (ALs).

For a full explanation of what that entails, you can check out the story below:

Options for those who didn't qualify

However, 634 students (or 1.6 per cent) did not qualify for any of the Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses.

These students have a few options.

They can:

  • Re-attempt the PSLE in 2020.
  • Apply to Assumption Pathway School or NorthLight School for a more experiential and hands-on learning approach.

Students who have attempted the PSLE once and would like to apply to APS or NLS can do so with a recommendation from their primary school principal.

Secondary 1 posting exercise

Students can now use their unique S1 PIN number to submit their choices for secondary schools online.

They can then check the result via the Secondary 1 Internet System later.

The system will be accessible from 11am on Thursday, Nov. 21 to 3pm on Wednesday, Nov. 27 at www.moe.gov.sg/s1-posting.

If you prefer to do things with pen and paper (like the PSLE itself), the option form can be submitted through the student's primary school.

Submissions can be made during the following timings:

  • 11am to 3pm on Nov. 21.
  • 9am to 3pm on Nov. 22, 25, 26 & 27.

The posting results will be released on Friday, Dec. 20.

Students will need to report to the secondary schools that they are posted to on Monday, Dec. 23 at 8:30am.

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