Largest Yakuza group's 2nd-in-command steps out of jail with S$10,134 jacket & S$1,656 shirt

He was released after 4 years in jail.

Nyi Nyi Thet| October 21, 04:57 PM

The largest Yakuza group in Japan, Yamaguchi-gumi, recently saw the release of their second-in-command, Kiyoshi Takayama on Oct. 18, 2019.

The release saw an series of violence break out among rivalling Yakuza groups.

According to Jiji News, via The Japan News, Takayamam 72, got into a car and left Fuchu prison at around 5:50am.

He then took a Shinkansen at Shinagawa Station. It was while waiting for the Shinkansen that these pictures of Takayama were taken.

And in the midst of the photos, eagle-eyed Japanese Twitter users noticed the sartorial choices that Takayama had chosen as well.

Here is what he was wearing.

Image from Twitter

Here's the tweet identifying the shirts.

The shirt and jacket were identified as being from Berluti, a subsidiary brand of Louis Vuitton.

Here are the clothes in question.

Screenshot from Berluti

Image from Berluti

The hoodie retails at 808,500 Yen (S$10,134), while the shirt goes for 132,000 Yen (S$1,656).

Here's a helpful currency exchange courtesy of Hello Sia Singapore.

The brace was dissected as well.


Released after four years in jail

Known as the "one-eyed gangster", Takayama reputedly suffered an injury to his right eye after a swordfight early in his career.

He is currently the second-in-command of Yamaguchi-gumi.

In 2014, he was found guilty of extorting 40 million yen from an employee of a construction company.

He began serving his term at Fuchu Prison, Tokyo, in June that year.

Image from Hello Sia Singapore and Twitter