Some toxic K-pop fans are trying to decide ‘Who's next?’ after Sulli's death

Quite horrifying.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 17, 2019, 01:46 PM

K-pop fans are really, really passionate.

There have been many instances where criticisms of various Korean idols have led to an unbridled backlash from young fans.

That incredible loyalty towards some idols, will almost always lead to a worldview centred around competitiveness.

That’s where their fandom, or the groups they support can either do no wrong, or more commonly, are superior to other groups.

This is a relatively common mindset among most who support teams or groups from a number of domains, not just K-pop.

Some, however, have taken it to an unimaginably dark place.

Who is next

A thing that has taken off within a small group of K-pop fans is trying to figure out, “Who's next?”

Basically, who will be the next to commit suicide after Sulli's alleged suicide.

Here's a Facebook post compiling some of these tweets.

One of their "targets" is Jennie from Blackpink for some reason.

With the term #Jennieisnext being used to support that cause.

A small window into why some might want to do something like this might come down to vehement support of another group.

For example, one particular Twitter user has drawn the ire of many who are mourning Sulli's untimely death.

A reason for it is the user's intent to claim the death as an elaborate publicity stunt.

With an added slight at how BTS need not resort to such measures to get that publicity.

The idea that suicide as publicity is fundamentally stupid has been pointed out by many K-pop fans, including those who support BTS.

But issues such as this actually take a toll on the mentality of these Korean performers.

In fact, some have even cited "incessant online gossip" as one of the reasons for their ultimate decision to commit suicide.


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Image from Sulli's Instagram