S'pore welcomes tropical 'autumn' as foliage turn vibrant red & crimson orange

Quite aesthetic.

Ashley Tan| October 09, 12:25 PM

The fall season has begun in temperate countries, with the weather turning chilly again.

If you noticed, Singapore also has its version of fall with more rain during the inter-monsoon period and a change in our landscape.

'Autumn' season begins

Trees around the island are starting to erupt into masses of vibrant red, orange and yellow after a gorgeous 'Sakura season' in September.

And the starkly red leaves you might see around the island belong to a tree known as the Malayan Crape Myrtle.

Similar to the trumpet trees and bougainvillaea, changes in the colour of its leaves are usually attributed to higher levels of rainfall and cooler temperatures.

Here are some photos taken by members of the public:

Along the Central Expressway (CTE) 

Photo by Siti Zaharah Raman via NParks / FB

Photo by Ng Lee Khiang via NParks / FB

Punggol Park

Photo by Ng Lee Khiang via NParks / FB

Photo by Ng Lee Khiang via NParks / FB

Along East Coast Parkway (ECP)

Photo by Owyong Wei Loong via NParks / FB

Pasir Ris Park

Photo by Kalthom binte Abd Latiff via NParks / FB

Chuan Lane

Photo by Chan Chung Leong via NParks / FB

This phenomenon isn't a new one—Singapore has periodically had its own "autumn" and even "Sakura season" in recent years, thanks to NParks.

You can view more photos here.

Top photo by Ng Lee Khiang via NParks / FB and