26-week jail for drunk New Zealander tourist who bit & punched S'pore police officers

She also punched another policewoman in the ear.

Andrew Koay | October 15, 2019, 05:15 PM

Katie Christina Rakich, a tourist from New Zealand, behaved so violently that her sister could not tolerate it and called the Singapore police on her.

Instead of calming down, Rakich bit the attending policewoman, refusing to relent as her victim screamed in pain.

The 27-year-old also punched another police officer in the ear while in the lock-up area.

According to Today, Rakich pleaded guilty to causing hurt to a public servant and on Monday, Oct. 14 was sentenced to jail for six months and two weeks.

Visiting her sister in Singapore

Prior to the incident, Rakich arrived in Singapore on June 15, 2019, reaching her younger sister's house at about 7:30pm.

According to court documents, she was already slightly inebriated at this point.

Rakich and her family -- including her sister and her sister's boyfriend -- went out for dinner.

During dinner, she consumed more alcohol before going to a bar for another round of drinks.

The group returned to Rakich's sister's apartment at about 2am that night.

Got rowdy

However, Rakich became upset with something that her sister said and became "rowdy", yelling at her family while messing up the apartment.

By 3am, after failed attempts by the family to calm her down, Rakich's sister decided to call the police.

While looking for her passport after the officers asked for her particulars, Rakich became agitated again when her sister remarked that she did not want her elder sibling in the house.

Rakich threw a glass of water at her sister, though it was deflected by her sister's boyfriend, who batted away the glass with his palm, causing it to shatter on a wall.


This prompted the officers to arrest Rakich, though she would prove uncooperative, forcing police to pull her into their vehicle.

She continued to behave aggressively, yelling profanities and banging her head against the passenger window.

When they arrived at the Woodlands Division Regional Lock-up, Rakich became hysterical and insisted on her mobile phone being returned to her.

As she was to be brought out of the car, an officer reached out her arms to support Rakich by her shoulders as a safety precaution.

Rakich then abruptly turned her head and bit the female officer’s forearm.

Bite lasted over 10 seconds

Court documents reported that the bite lasted over 10 seconds and was "very forceful" and that it caused Toh "great pain".

Another police officer intervened to get Rakich to let go.

After the fact, a "smirking" Rakich was observed to have blood on her mouth.

The officer -- who was left with a four-centimetre bite mark -- was later treated with tetanus and hepatitis vaccines amidst fears of contracting a disease, and was given two days' medical leave.

Rakich continued to be uncooperative, later punching another female officer in the ear while in the lockup holding area.

Diagnosed with a mental condition

According to Today, Deputy Public Prosecutor Benedict Teong asked for a sentence of at least eight months in jail.

Rakich's lawyer SS Dhillion asked for five months instead, arguing that the New Zealander had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013.

Dhillion noted that his client would often shout at friends and family before subsequently regretting her behaviour.

He was quoted by Today by saying that Rakich's mental condition had "led her to behave in an irrational manner", and that she was not a hostile or violent person by nature.

District Judge Marvin Bay acknowledged Rakich's condition during sentencing.

Today reported the judge also telling Rakich of his hopes that she would not get into trouble again.

For causing hurt to a public servant, she could have been jailed up to seven years, or fined, or both.

Top image from Nhia Moua via Unsplash