Samyang Korea introduces new 40% less spicy "light" noodles for those who can't handle spice

Just raise hand.

Nyi Nyi Thet| October 29, 10:13 PM

For those who don't know, Samyang is that ridiculously spicy Korean noodles with that chicken breathing fire.

It is mainly that outlandish spiciness that has gotten it so much attention among instant noodle lovers.

Perhaps worried that all their customer base are slowly but surely losing their ability to taste, Samyang Korea has come up with a middle ground.

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. 맛있음만 빼고 다 덜어냈다!! 불닭볶음면 건면 Ver. 불닭볶음면 라이트 출시!!!🔥🤩 . #맛있음빼고 #다덜어냄 #불닭볶음면라이트

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According to Girlstyle, the spiciness has been cut down by 40 percent.

Although just from pictures, you really can't tell the difference.

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#삼양 #라이트불닭볶음면 - 오랜만에 먹는 불닭볶음면🔥 불닭 신상이 나왔더라구요?! 기존 불닭보다 덜 맵다는 라이트불닭볶음면! 맵기는 까르보불닭볶음면~신라면 정도인듯해요:) 건면이라 그런지 쫄깃쫄깃해요✨ 뭔가 쫄볶이불닭스러운 식감🤭

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. 맛있음만 빼고 다 덜어낸 불닭볶음면 건면 Ver. ⭐️불닭볶음면 라이트 출시!!!⭐️ . #맛있음빼고 #다덜어냄 #불닭볶음면라이트

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It doesn't appear to be available in Singapore yet, but it's currently being sold at S$13 on Airfrov.

Hope it's available here soon.

Image from Samyang IG and Isoyeon3074