Young Jurong West guy calmly subdues python with bamboo stick, successfully rescues auntie's slipper

Kampong spirit right there.

Zhangxin Zheng| October 29, 07:02 PM

Diminishing forested area has driven wildlife to nearby urban areas where people live.

Jurong West is exemplary of this situation with pythons frequenting the neighbourhood over recent years.

Python spotted twice in three days

Three days after a python of up to three metres long was caught after devouring a community cat, another python was spotted at Jurong West on Oct. 26.

This time, the python was apparently lurking in the drain near Blk 822.

According to a video on Facebook, the python was spotted late in the evening on Saturday (Oct. 26).

A community cat was targeted by its natural predator again.

Youth helped to capture the python

The video also captured the process of how a young man subdued the python in a calm and composed manner.

With a bamboo stick, he tried to lure the python up onto the grass patch while maintaining a distance.

At the start, the python appears to be irritated by the bamboo stick, and the show of aggression towards it.

He remained composed and continued to pick the python with the bamboo stick.

He then threw a towel at the python, aiming to cover its eyes, and waited for the right opportunity to grab hold of it.

Meanwhile, onlookers and friends were commenting on his brave act and reminding him to be careful.

One of the onlookers also mentioned that the python had strangled a community cat to death prior to this.

The towel did not fall on its eyes but the python curled itself around the towel and refused to let go.

And the young resident just took the chance to transfer the python into a cardboard box with the towel.

While he was not able to save the community cat, this helpful young man managed to help retrieve a slipper for one of the elderly who was standing by the side.

According to the caption of the Facebook post, the python was later handed to a wildlife specialist company, Mastermark.

Mothership reached out to Mastermark but the company declined to comment.

It is, however, not advisable to handle the python on your own like what the young man did.

What to do if you encounter a python

Pythons preying on smaller animals has always been part of the urban ecosystem.

While pythons are commonly perceived negatively as “scary, slithery, silent, dangerous”, they are actually shy creatures that will rather shun human beings when unprovoked.

If you happen to encounter a python like this, the best thing to do is to call Acres wildlife rescue hotline for help at 9783 7782, keep your distance and not startle it.

Top photo collage from The Alchemists Design/Facebook video