S'pore primary school boy asks dad why is he talking to opposition politicians if they're 'bad'

The anecdote was shared by Yee Jenn Jong, a WP politician.

Tanya Ong | October 23, 2019, 04:29 PM

Workers' Party politician, Yee Jenn Jong, recently shared an "interesting conversation" he had with a man he met during a business gathering.

Son asked his father why he was talking to an opposition politician

During the gathering, the man mentioned a previous meeting with Yee outside Marine Parade Library about a month ago.

They bumped into each other when a group of WP members were about to commence house visits, and had a brief exchange at that time.

According to Yee, the man's son apparently asked his father who Yee was after witnessing their meeting.

After the man told his son that Yee was from an opposition political party, his son allegedly said:

"Why are you talking to them? They are against the government and they are bad, right?"

"Scary thought"

In Yee's post, the man apparently responded to his son saying that "parties contest one another in elections" in Singapore and "the winning team will get to form the government".

He added that "there is nothing bad about that".

Yee expressed gratitude to the man for his explanation, but personally found it "a scary thought" that the boy would think he's "evil" for choosing to be in the opposition camp.

Perceptions surrounding the "alternative camp"

Yee acknowledged that some may perceive the "alternative camp" negatively, thinking of them as "disruptive" or "harbouring evil intentions for Singapore".

He also went on to share a second anecdote about how he knew of a primary school kid who had been tasked to write an essay about a politician.

He claimed that the boy had submitted an essay about him.

However, Yee said the boy's teacher told him to write about someone else because Yee, as someone who had lost in GE2011, was "a failed politician".

He shared a summarised version of these anecdotes in a Facebook post on Oct. 18:

Top photo via FB/Yee Jenn Jong