Police NSF gets three months' jail for tricking woman, 21, into exposing bra during video call

He and his victim were part of the same WhatsApp chat group, before he contacted her privately.

Julia Yeo | October 08, 2019, 06:23 PM

A man serving his National Service has been convicted of cheating a 21-year-old woman to take screenshots of her exposed bra during a video call.

Lee Yan Han, who was serving as a Police Special Constable officer at the Jurong Police Division when the crime took place, tricked an acquaintance into posing for him in a bra.

Lee told his victim that he was investigating fake mirrors in changing rooms as his job, although his role was of a patrolman at Tuas Checkpoint, according to court documents.

The victim has been kept unnamed by a gag order, to protect her identity.

He was sentenced to three months' jail on Oct. 7.

TNP reported that Lee is currently out on bail for S$15,000 until Oct. 21, 2019, and is intending to appeal.

Asked victim to let him take screenshots of her in bra

Investigations showed that Lee and the victim were part of the same WhatsApp chat group on Jul 1, 2018, and he had approached the victim by sending her a private message the next day.

During their private conversations, he warned her of "fake mirrors" in changing rooms which had hidden cameras. He told the victim that the culprits behind the "fake mirrors" would record and upload videos of women wearing certain bras in the changing rooms.

Lee also lied to her that he was involved in the investigations of such cases while serving his NS in the police force, and had already nabbed three out of six culprits.

Lee then asked the victim about the type of bra she wore, and requested to call her, which he did.

The NSF asked the victim to allow him to take screenshots of her cladded in her bra during a video call, according to court documents.

He had told the victim that he intended to use the screenshots as "bait" by uploading them onto an online forum and luring the culprits of the "fake mirror" cases into having a conversation with him.

Although the victim was unwilling at first, she later felt pity for him as he told her that he was left to work alone on the case.

He also told her that he had other female friends who were helping him as well.

Victim exposed parts of her bra under accused's instructions, felt uneasy

During a second call on the same day, the victim exposed parts of her bra under Lee's instructions, after changing into a light pink bra and a slightly translucent striped-shirt.

At one point in the video call, Lee asked her to remove her bra while only wearing her shirt. However, the victim denied that request.

Instead, she agreed to his request to expose the back of her bra to the camera and unhook her bra.

After the call, the victim felt uncomfortable and confided in a friend, who advised her to report the matter to the police.

She lodged a report with the Police on Jul 3, 2018.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Zhou Yang stated in his submissions that the victim had to live with the effect of Lee's actions for the rest of her life, according to TNP.

Zhou also objected to the defence counsel's call for a probation report.

He argued that the credibility and public standing of the SPF would be diminished by such offences, and added that the victim would not have submitted to his demands if he wasn't a police officer.

Top image via Julia Yeo, Wikipedia Commons.