Indonesian man impregnates daughter, forces her to sleep with his friend to cover up for him


Fasiha Nazren| Kayla Wong| October 10, 07:23 PM

A 50-year-old man in Indonesia was found to have been raping his daughter since 2017.

She was then only 16.

Lived with dad after parents divorced

According to Kompas, the teen had gone to live with her father in the town of Banjarbaru in South Kalimantan, after her parents divorced.

However upon reaching Banjarbaru, she was molested by her father.

Her father then found out she was no longer a virgin, and forced her to tell him who else "touched" her.

Teen has been raped by uncle since young

She told her father that she was raped by her uncle on her mother's side since she was a child, according to Coconuts.

But instead of reporting this, the girl's father used the information against her, as his daughter was ashamed of what her uncle did to her.

Her father threatened to "expose" her past if she refused to have sex with him.

The teen was then raped multiple times by her own father, and soon became pregnant.

Told her to find a boyfriend

When her father found out she was pregnant, he told her to find a boyfriend.

This was so someone else could "take responsibility" for the child she was carrying, the Banjarbaru police chief said.

However, she failed to find a boyfriend within the next two months.

Forced her to sleep with friend

Panicking, the father then asked his daughter to sleep with his own friend, a 57-year-old man.

He thought that by doing so, he could demand his friend to take responsibility for impregnating his daughter, the police chief said.

His friend then slept with his daughter on at least two occasions.

Continued raping daughter

However, the victim later had a miscarriage.

Unfortunately, this did not stop her father from wanting to rape her again.

But before that happened, she "pushed" him away and escaped, as she was no longer able to tolerate the abuse.

Her father had physically abused her whenever she refused to sleep with him.

Both father and his friend arrested

The teen reported both her father and his friend to the police, who ended up getting arrested for violating the Child Protection Law.

They face a maximum of 20 years and 15 years in prison respectively.

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