VS model reportedly getting S$20 million after birthing HK tycoon Stanley Ho's first grandson

Big baby bonus.

Julia Yeo| October 27, 03:02 PM

Talk about baby bonuses.

Mario Ho, the son of Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho welcomed his first child into the world with his wife, Ming Xi.

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好久不見!跟大家分享一個我們家族的大喜訊!我和我老婆@mingxi11 升級當爸爸媽媽了! 謝謝我老婆小明!陪伴她從懷孕到生產的這段時間里,我才知道當媽媽的犧牲與不易。以前她走路都蹦蹦跳跳,懷孕以後走路都不方便,還要忍受強烈的孕吐和難以控制的情緒波動,這世界上的媽媽們實在太辛苦了!謝謝老婆熬過那段時間,為我生下一個健康又可愛的寶寶。 我爸爸下個月就98歲了,他對於我來說,是像超人一樣的存在,無所不能,我小時候的願望他通通能幫我實現。可對於他自己,卻一直有一個願望沒有實現,那就是抱孫子。今天終於能夠很高興地告訴他,他有長孫了!他老人家的願望終於實現了,我們家終於有第五代的男丁了! 對於寶寶的名字,我們家一直都是根據族譜 「啓 世 鴻 猷 廣」取名的,第二個字是每一代通用的,第三個字一般是父親取,寄寓對小孩的希望。我爸以前說過,他的財富是他給每一個兒孫的禮物,能積累多久多少就看自己的本事了。可是對於長孫而言,他希望給到一份獨一無二的,一份能夠陪伴一輩子的禮物,那就是把他自己的名字送給長孫來繼承。所以,我兒子很榮幸地叫何廣燊,希望他能夠像他爺爺一樣,成為一個有益於社會的傳奇人物。我給廣燊取的英文名叫Ronaldo,希望他會又高又帥,既有天賦,又能通過自身努力贏得世界的認可,沒壓力哈 兒子No pressure! 再次謝謝我的老婆,你是最棒的,我愛你❤️!🥰

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Xi, who modelled for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show from 2013 to 2018, gave birth to Ronaldo Ho on Oct. 24th, shared the joy with her social media followers the next day.

The supermodel became the focal point of the VS Fashion Show 2017 when she fell on the runway.

She's bounced back quite well since then.

Reportedly rewarded S$20M for giving birth to grandson

In one of Mario Ho's posts on Weibo earlier in April 2019, he joked that his mother hoped very much for a grandson, and if successful, they would receive 100 million yuan (S$20 million) as a reward.

newlywed photo of mario ho and ming xi Photo via MarioHo/Weibo

While it's not confirmed by the new father himself, the couple can still be hopeful, can't they?

Xi and the younger Ho signed their wedding papers in July, after he proposed to her in May 2019.

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I’m so happy right now, I can’t believe I actually married the girl I said I was going to marry when I was younger. Girl of my dreams is now going to be my wife, how fairytale can life get for me??? I love you everyone who came to support and witness this victorious moment of ours, thank you!!! I’m still in disbelief!!! #Engaged

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The couple have yet to announce the date of their wedding ceremony.

According to 8 Days, rumours on Weibo spread that the 30-year-old model had received 50 million yuan (S$10 million) when she married Mario Ho back in July.

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