HK McDonald's has McWeddings package with apple pie 'cake', balloon rings from S$528

Trading in golden rings for golden arches.

Ashley Tan | October 10, 2019, 02:49 PM

As a kid, you might have celebrated your birthday at a McDonald's before.

If you happen to still be an avid lover of the famous fast food chain, perhaps you might even consider getting married at a McDonald's.

Because McDonald's Hong Kong actually lets your dreams of a fast food wedding come true.

Getting McMarried

McDonald's Hong Kong outlets provides McWedding party packages for those who want to declare their love over a meal of McNuggets.

According to their website, they offer a "Happiness Party" package, which costs HK$2,999 (S$528).

As of 2014, a CNBC article reported that there were four different packages available, with the highest-tier "Love Forever Party" package going for HK$9,999 (S$1,759).

The highest-tier package apparently included venue rental for two hours, a pair of balloon 'wedding rings', wedding gifts, personalised invitation and thank you cards, an emcee and even a tiered wedding 'cake' made out of apple pies.

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

The bride and groom also receive balloon bouquets and boutonnieres.

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

The couple can also opt for more traditional Chinese wedding-themed decorations, instead of the more modern pink and heart-themed ones.

Photo from McDonald's

Currently, only nine McDonald's outlets in Hong Kong provide these services.

Wedding packages available since 2011 because customers are lovin' it

The McWeddings phenomenon isn't exactly new.

Such packages were first introduced in Hong Kong in 2011 to "meet customer demand".

A McDonald's spokesperson told CNBC that the franchise started the program as the fast food chain was the place many couples first started dating, and where "their love stories grew".

This is why some couples wanted to hold their wedding there—one of the most joyous occasions in their lives—to "relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle".

Recently, on Sep. 29, YouTuber Safiya Nygaard also documented her "pre-wedding" party at a Hong Kong McDonald's.


Not only did Nygaard and her soon-to-be husband enjoy some happy meals of burgers and fries, the effervescent emcees led the pair and their guests through themed games and activities.

This included a new take on the Chinese tradition of drinking wine with arms interlinked, but with McDonald's coke instead.

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

Screenshot from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube

It is uncertain if the McWedding will be coming to Singapore any time soon.

Either way, the price of an actual wedding in Singapore could probably cover a McWedding plus flight tickets to Hong Kong, so why not?

Go Big Mac or go home.

Top photo from Safiya Nygaard / YouTube