‘Kindred Spirit’ actress Celine Ma, 51, covered in blood after attack by protesters in Mong Kok

This happened on the 18th week of the Hong Kong protests.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 7, 2019 @ 05:34 pm


Celine Ma, the 51-year-old TVB actress, was caught up in the Hong Kong protest as front-liners hit the streets of Mong Kok over the weekend.

Pro-China stance

Ma is best known for her role as May May in Hong Kong’s long-running series A Kindred Spirit, where she plays a spoilt rich daughter of a Malaysian Chinese tycoon.

Ma has been a vocal supporter of the police and has also openly expressed her pro-China stance on social media.

Screenshot from Celine Ma’s Facebook.

Clashes with pro-democracy protesters

According to Hong Kong Free Press, Ma got into a heated quarrel with pro-democracy protesters after taking close-up shots of them vandalising the Bank of China’s ATMs on Oct. 6, 2019.

Screenshot from veronbenny’s YouTube video.
Screenshot from veronbenny’s YouTube video.

The protesters then took away her phone and attacked her.

Bloodstains could then be seen on her shirt, chin and at the back of her left ear as she confronted the protesters and yelled at them: “Did I hit anyone? Come at me!”.

Screenshot from TVB video.
Screenshot from TVB video.
Screenshot from TVB video.
Screenshot from TVB video.

A foreign journalist then held onto Ma’s hand and brought her to Mong Kok police station, where she spoke to the media outside.

Ma said that the protesters also sprayed paint on her and broke her phone, but the actress eventually managed to retrieve it.

Ma subsequently entered the station even though it was supposed to be closed for the night.

Screenshot from 港野咩’s Youtube video.

Here are some videos that captured what happened:









On Oct. 8, Ma reported that she is alright on her Weibo account.

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