Reporter's adorable son, 4, wanders into live TV broadcast just to say hi to mummy

Urgent business.

Julia Yeo| October 10, 06:32 PM

Remember BBC dad, Professor Robert Kelly? Well, here's NBC mum.

NBCnews correspondent Courtney Kube was covering a MSNBC live report on Turkish airstrikes in Syria when her son decided that he had some breaking news to report too.

Screenshot of Courtney Kube and son on MSNBC Live TV Screenshot via MSNBC/Twitter

Just wanted to say hi

The four-year-old toddler, Ryan, could be seen storming the set comically as Kube was covering some serious news about Turkey and Syria.

Clearly, saying hi to his mum was just as important as whatever that was happening elsewhere.

Kube couldn't help but chuckle as her son latched his arms onto her, gently pushing him off as she tried to return to her news coverage.

"Excuse me, my kids are here... Live television," Kube coolly continued with her reporting after moving her son out of shot.

Internet melts

Many Twitter users were reminded of BBC Dad from 2017, whose daughter and son similarly crashed his coverage on North-South Korea relations:

Others were impressed by how smoothly Kube handled the situation, and praised MSNBC for allowing their staff to bring their children to work.

Top image via MSNBC/Twitter