Female footballers stop match & huddle around opponent to shield her after hijab slips off


Syahindah Ishak| October 25, 05:02 PM

In a heartwarming video circulating online, a team of female footballers were seen halting a match after an opponent's hijab came loose.

The video was posted to Twitter on Oct. 14.

Hijab came loose during a tackle

In the video, the player wearing the hijab was dribbling past a few defenders before she was tackled.

She abruptly turned away as her hijab came loose and her hair began to show.

As she knelt on the ground to readjust her hijab, five players from the opposing team quickly huddled around her to give her some privacy.

They stopped the game for almost 30 seconds to do so.

As soon as the player got up, the two teams went back to playing the match.

Spectators applauded the athletes for their actions.

According to The Independent, the match was between Arab Orthodox Club and Shabab al-Ordon Club in the WAFF Women’s Club Championship in Jordan last year.

Video went viral

The video went viral on Twitter.

As of the time of writing, it has garnered over 2.7 million views.

Among those sharing the video was ESPN.

History of the hijab in football

FIFA used to ban players who wore head scarves.

According to The Guardian, Canadian footballer Asmahan Mansour attempted to wear a headscarf at a tournament in 2007 but was not allowed to play by the referee. 

In 2011, Iran’s women’s team were banned from playing against Jordan in an Olympic qualifying match because of their hijabs.

FIFA initially cited “religious symbolism” as a reason for banning head coverings, before later changing their reason to “health and safety”.

FIFA announced in March 2014 that the ban had been lifted.

Top photos via Twitter/Footynions.