JJ Lin tries making steamed buns, gets roasted by dad who advises him to ‘stick to singing’


Tanya Ong | October 12, 2019 @ 01:11 pm


Earlier this month, JJ Lin was in Tianjin for his Sanctuary 2.0 concert.

And when he wasn’t performing, the Singaporean artiste apparently tried his hand at making steamed pork buns (also known as goubuli baozi, a signature dish in Tianjin).

Tried making goubuli buns, failed

Lin uploaded a video of his (failed) attempt to Instagram on Oct. 6.

His caption reads: “I tried… I really did”.

Compared to the restaurant staffer who folded the “wrinkles” into the bun effortlessly, Lin ran into trouble after making a single fold.

Screenshot via IG video/jjlin
Screenshot via IG video/jjlin

He looked at the bun, clearly baffled as to how to proceed.

Screenshot via IG video/jjlin

A close-up of his bewildered expression:

Screenshot via IG video/jjlin

Lin’s father, who was looking on from the sidelines, was heard telling him in Mandarin: “You should stick to singing. Let someone else do it.”

Screenshot via IG video/jjlin
Screenshot via IG video/jjlin

This was the bun that resulted after he hastily bunched up some dough together:

Screenshot via IG video/jjlin

Oh dear.

You can watch Lin’s full Instagram video here:

Top photo via Instagram/jjlin

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