IU's label takes legal action against malicious comments on her silence over Sulli's death

She stood by Sulli's alter for all three days.

Zhangxin Zheng| October 19, 09:49 PM

Kpop star Sulli's death drew plenty of attention to cyberbullying and the immense pressure that Korean celebrities face as public figures.

Despite the outcry over cyberbullying, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon.

Part of the attention also fell on close friends of Sulli, such as other f(x) members as well as IU and Taeyeon.

While several celebrities have paid tribute to Sulli, IU is among those who had not made any statement online regarding her close friend's passing.

This led to some criticism over what was perceived as IU not showing enough public grief. Ultimately leading to some malicious comments and rumours.

IU takes legal action against malicious comments

On Oct. 18, IU's label Kakao M wrote on the singer's official Twitter account that the company is taking legal action against these netizens.

The company wrote that it is determined to curb the spread of false rumours and insensitive comments.

It also added that it is currently collecting evidence provided by fans.

The company has filed a criminal complaint on Oct. 14 and will be doing another one soon.

Here's a translation of the post via Allkpop:

Our company has determined there is a serious level of libel, sexual harassment, and personal attacks occurring through thoughtless malicious comments and the spreading of false rumors about our artist IU, and therefore we're taking legal action

We inform you that we have collected related materials through continued monitoring and the collection of evidence submitted by fans. On October 14, we filed a first criminal complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office through a legal representative. In addition, we're preparing to file an additional criminal complaint.

Was at Sulli's wake

According to an insider, IU and f(x) member Krystal had been staying by Sulli's alter for all three days.

Both of them were described to be deeply saddened.

Earlier on Oct. 17, f(x) member Victoria (also known as Song Qian) also left a strong-worded message on Weibo against the toxic culture.

Here's a translation of what she wrote, via AllKpop:

Since when did we become so controlled by social media. In order to measure morality, in order to measure relations between people, in order to measure emotions, in order to measure everything that can be measured. It's a space where we can share everything with people on platforms, but it's become a space where we have to put on a show.

If we want to post something, we will, and if we don't want to, we don't. There's no empathy, and there's only personal prejudice. In this fake world, we can't find ourselves. People need to walk in reality. Please don't waste your time.

Please don't tell people so carelessly about how they should live their lives. There are boundaries to warnings and advice given with good intentions, so don't cross those boundaries. Just worry about your own lives. Live in the present. If you live with a good heart, that'll be enough.

IU will be coming to Singapore on Dec.6 and 7 for her "Love. Poem" concert, hope she gets better soon.

Top photo collage from IU's Instagram and @aemahii