Indonesian boy, 14, dies after being forced to run 20 laps for being late to school

He wanted to rest but the teacher allegedly refused.

Eileen Lee| October 06, 02:57 PM

On Oct. 1, 2019, Fanly Lahingide, a 14-year-old boy from Sulawesi, Indonesia was ordered by his teacher to run 20 laps around the sports ground because he was 25 minutes late to school, reported Guanghua Daily.

Image from kawanuainside

Fanly fainted while on his second lap. He was sent to the emergency room, and was pronounced dead at around 8:45am.

Feeling dizzy 

According to Guanghua Daily, Fanly left home at around 6:30am after breakfast and reached school at around 7:25am with five other pupils.

As he was late, his attendance was not taken. The teacher punished the late pupils by making them run 20 laps around the sports ground under the hot sun.

In the midst of running, Fanly told the teacher that he was feeling dizzy and would like to take a rest. The teacher allegedly refused his request and he had to continue his punishment.

Screenshot from M Wungouw / Facebbok

Parents taking legal action against the school

Based on Guanghua Daily's report, Fanly's 46-year-old mother, Julin Mandiangan, said she cannot understand why this happened to her son as she claimed that he did not have any pre-existing medical conditions.

His father, Joni Lahingide said Fanly did inform the teacher that the weather very hot, but he was still asked to run under the scorching sun, that allegedly caused him to faint, which led to his death.

Joni Lahingide speaking to a police officer. Image from Tribunnews

However, the cause of his death can only be confirmed after the autopsy results are released.

The parents have lodged a police report, and filed a case against the school. They are hoping the police will conduct a thorough investigation and that the teacher will be dealt with accordingly, to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Top images from kawanuainside (left) and M Wungouw's Facebook.