Hong Kong granny lashes out at protesters & reporters while cleaning up road

'I’ve never seen Hong Kong so “great” before.'

Zhangxin Zheng| October 09, 02:38 AM

Hong Kong has been rocked by 18 consecutive weeks protests.

And it is taking its toll as peaceful demonstrations have escalated to violence and bloodshed.

While Hong Kong youths have formed the majority of protesters, the older generation are chiming in but are fighting for different aims.

One 70-year-old retiree was caught on camera laboriously clearing up debris left behind along a street in Wan Chai, Hong Kong on Oct. 6, 2019, at around 5pm.

While doing so, she also vented her frustrations at the reporters who were at the scene filming her.

Here's a summary of what the video encapsulated:

Upset with road blockage

The elderly lady was spotted lifting and pushing heavy metal barricades, huge traffic safety cones, and a trash bin filled with bricks aside.


While hustling back and forth on the road, she expressed exasperatedly that she does not understand why the protesters are blocking the roads:

"So many of you could be doing something but what do you do? You block people's way. What’s good about blocking people’s way? Explain that to me. You explain that to me. You explain to me why do you need to block the road? Explain it to me!"

She said that she is really against them blocking the road:

"You can kill people, set fires, I won’t care! But you block the road and all the cars are not able to move!"

She then added that there was this driver who had finished work but was not allowed to pass through.

"You don’t want to go home but he does. Please use your heart to consider this. Ah, he has a family, has children, needs to go home and eat."


Pitting herself against young protesters

The elderly lady obviously did not agree with the young protesters.

She said umpteen times that they have "lost their minds" and questioned the protesters' actions such as digging up the bricks from the ground.

"They dug bricks because they want to kill people. It’s just so simple. How evil are you! Don’t tell me you are digging the bricks to build the Great Wall, are you? You are not going to build the Great Wall.

There are hundreds of thousands of you, there is so much trash in Hong Kong. If you use all the time to clean up the street, all of Hong Kong will be so clean. But you guys are throwing trash."


The elderly woman also criticised the young protesters for leaving behind such a mess:

"You always need someone to clear up the mess after you, always wetting and soiling yourself, here and there. Always need someone to clean up your mess. Are you even adults? Twenty-something already!"

While some occasionally reminded her to be careful as she moved around, there were also protesters who shone a green laser at her.

"I know I’m useless. I’m alone and what I’m doing is useless, I know. You don’t need to shine that laser at me, kid. You only know how to do this."


But she remained undeterred, saying:

"I know I can’t beat all of you, I move one you throw 10. I know I may not make a difference but I’m still going to do it."

Some protesters responded to her sarcastically as she shouted her thoughts out loud at them.

One tried to stuff a Chinese flag into her hand and said to her, "Granny you really love your country".


That did not distract the single-minded elderly woman from clearing up the street as she simply placed the flag by the roadside and continued moving the debris.



Upset with media

While the reporters were filming and interviewing her, there were a few moments when the elderly woman lectured the media for playing a part in escalating the protest situation.

When the reporter asked her about the protesters' intent and actions, she lashed out at the reporters instead.

She was upset at how reporters have been following and recording the happenings instead of making the protesters reflect and explain their actions.

She said:

"That’s what I’d like to ask them too... Why don’t you ask? You are a reporter. Why don’t you ask? Ask them why are they digging up bricks? Throwing them all over the place? This is your conscience. You are not here to help them promote.

Over the past four months, it has become worse and worse. It’s all because of you guys (media). You didn’t use your brains to ask them questions. You just let them think what they are doing is right and is doing good for Hong Kong. Good for f*ck?

I’ve lived for all these decades and I’ve never seen Hong Kong so “great” before. So “great”."


Here's the full video with translation by South China Morning Post:

All gifs and screenshots from SocRec 社會記錄頻道 video