Half a van left behind at Woodlands road junction sparks questions

Hope it finds its other half?

Julia Yeo| October 21, 04:33 PM

Half a van was left behind in the middle of a road junction yellow box in Woodlands recently.

A photo of the back-end half of the van without its chassis was shared on Facebook on Oct. 18.

Some commenters online recognise the road junction as one located in Woodlands Industrial Park.

Internet weighs in

As usual, several netizens had quite a bit to say about the lost vehicle.

Some were rather constructive, and gave their take on the possibilities resulting in this amusing situation.

facebook comments Photo via Singapore Ink/FB

facebook comments Photo via Singapore Ink/FB

Others had slightly wilder imagination.

facebook comment Can write movie script. Photo via Singapore Ink/FB

Or just pragmatic.

facebook comment Law by law. Photo via Roads.SG

Hope it makes its way back to its other half.


For similar instances in the future, road users and passers-by can report such road hazards using the OneService app created by the Municipal Services Office (MSO) available on the App Store and Google Play.

Top image via Singapore Ink/FB