Ex-S’pore Idol Hady Mirza to make comeback in M’sia reality singing series on Oct. 13, 2019

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Hady Mirza is back in the limelight after a seven-year break from the music industry.

Comeback in Malaysian reality singing series

According to The Straits Times, the ex-Singapore Idol winner is taking part in sixth season of Gegar Vaganza.

Gegar Vaganza is a Malaysian reality singing series that features seasoned singers who have stepped away from the limelight.

It premieres on Oct. 13, 2019.

Speaking to M Star Online Malaysia, Hady talked about how he has not been singing since 2012 and only found out that he was going to sing again at the beginning of this year.

In the time he was away, Hady said he “ran some businesses, got married and learnt about things beyond the music industry”.

Hady also added that back then, he was still very young and very inexperienced.

As a result, he had no motivation and didn’t work very hard.

He said he felt like he should stop singing if he didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Since his confirmation to be on the show, Hady has publicised his participation on his Instagram account:

Life after Singapore Idol

After winning Singapore Idol in 2006 and Asian Idol one year later, Hady released two studio albums.

In 2013, Hady co-founded FRHM Youth with Ustaz Fahrur Razi, an organisation set up to promote Muslim education and way of life among youths.

In 2014, he got married.

From 2016, he ran a chilli tempeh snack business called Tempting Trading, but the business licence has since been cancelled for non-renewal.

He stayed out of the limelight until 2018, when he was reported to have become a Grab driver.

According to Hady, working for Grab was a part-time thing for about six to eight months.

Ex-Singapore Idol Hady Mirza a Grab driver now

That was also the year when he was arrested for drug-related offences.

Ex S’pore Idol Hady Mirza arrested for drug-related offences

More recently, he sang PUB’s Hari Raya 2019 video.

PUB’s heartwarming Hari Raya video features ex-S’pore Idol Hady Mirza’s singing

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