Bubble tea pearls on French fries sold in the Philippines leads to questions if we’ve gone too far

What can go wrong with two popular snack items?

Kayla Wong | October 13, 2019, 04:57 PM

Bubble tea has helped millions of people around the world cope with life.

Some stores, perhaps banking on the fact that pearls are basic sustenance for some, have incorporated the ingredient into staple food, such as this rice bowl topped with pearls:

This giant bubble tea cake:

And this bubble tea ice cream:

The combinations are endless and a test of the human will.

Fries with bubble tea & pearls

However, mankind can go too far.

A bubble tea shop in the Philippines, called "The Pearl Fajardo", has recently come up with a new item on its menu.

Calling it the "Triple Treat", the shop topped fries with a liberal serving of pearls, and gave customers the option to down it all with more bubble tea.

While topping fries with cheese sauce and other savoury sauces is already a thing, it is unheard of for fries to be topped with pearls.

Which is perhaps why online commenters have so far reacted to the food item with disgust, with one calling it the "Top 3 cursed image".

But that is not the only item that contains fries on its menu.

The shop also offers curly fries with avocado milk tea.

Previously, the shop posted an update that suggested they would start selling fried chicken soon.
It remains to be seen if this is just a gimmick, or a new food trend.

Or a plea for help.