Pod of dolphins spotted near Changi Naval Base, with one doing a backflip

Quite cute.

Fasiha Nazren | October 30, 2019, 08:42 PM

On Oct. 29, Twitter user @Lanchiowski shared the following video of a pod of dolphins.


Dolphins near Changi Naval Base

According to him, the dolphins were apparently spotted somewhere near Changi Naval Base.

Here's one of it doing a backflip:

As the dolphins were quite a distance away, it is quite difficult to identify the specific species of the dolphin.

Possibly Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins?

They may be of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins species, a species that has been sighted in Singapore waters before.

The species is also known as pink dolphins, for their distinctive pinkish hue.

Here’s a better look at them from two previous sightings in Singapore:

Taken at Horsburgh Lighthouse. Photo from Francis Yap / FB

Taken at Pulau Hantu. Photo from Francis Dolphin / FB

Wild dolphins in S'pore

This is far from being the first sighting of wild dolphins in Singapore waters.

In fact, dolphins are actually not uncommon here.

They've been seen in other parts of Singapore including Labrador jetty and Sisters' Island.

Top image screenshot from @Lanchiowski