Adorable baby macaque gets head stuck in fence at Bukit Batok, has to be rescued by Acres

A successful rescue operation.

Ashley Tan| October 23, 12:42 PM

A baby macaque named Plushie got itself into a bit of a pickle recently.

He got stuck in some fencing, and Acres wildlife officers had to carry out a rescue operation to reunite him with his family.

A call about a stuck macaque

Acres told Mothership that they had received a call from concerned teachers at a children's development centre at 21 Bukit Batok East Avenue 6.

They were informed that a macaque was found stuck at the bottom of a fence.

A video Acres uploaded to their Facebook page on Oct. 11 detailed the entire rescue operation.

His head was wedged between the metal rods of the fencing. His mother had tried to help him but failed.

Acres speculated that Plushie might have gotten stuck when he was playing around with his family.

The rescue operation was made even more precarious as Plushie was being guarded by his protective troop, including the alpha male.

With two of the wildlife officers standing guard to ensure that the macaque troop did not turn defensive when they approached Plushie, one officer then got to work trying to free the baby.

Had to pry the fence apart with tools

After carefully approaching Plushie, the officer tried to slide his head out from the fence but was unable to do so.

Considering that time was of the essence as the troop was apparently getting nervous, the officer proceeded to use a hammer to try to pry the metal bars apart.

After some effort, one of the bars gave away, and they were able to pull Plushie out.

Plushie was then released, and he happily clambered off to his anxious father, who had been perched atop the fence waiting for him.

Hopefully Plushie plays safely in the future and doesn't get stuck in any more fences.

You can watch the full video here for more glimpses of the adorable creature:

Top photo from Acres / FB