Teen, 17, robbed & raped 53-year-old 'mamasan' in Yishun HDB flat

His parents wrote a letter to the court to plead for leniency.

Julia Yeo | September 16, 2019, 04:51 PM

A 17-year-old teen who conceived a revenge plot to rob and rape a 53-year-old "mamasan" after being blown off while soliciting prostitutes online, was convicted in court on Sep. 16, 2019.

Crime took place in Yishun flat

The defendant, Mendel See Li Quan, was arrested with 11 charges at the time of crime, including rape and robbery.

The incident took place on Oct. 2, 2017, between 10:05pm and 10:39pm, in a HDB unit in Yishun, according to Shinmin Daily News.

The victim was a 53-year-old Filipina freelance sex worker, who remains unnamed.

See, a Malaysian who is a Singapore permanent resident and now 19 years old, pleaded guilty to three charges of raping and robbing the victim in Oct. 2017, and stealing S$670 from another victim in Sep. 2017, according to The Straits Times.

He was sentenced to seven years' jail and 15 strokes of the cane.

Parents write letter to court pleading for leniency

According to the Shinmin Daily News report, See's parents wrote a 689-word letter in English to the court, in hopes of a lighter sentence for their son.

His parents said in the letter that they were "very furious" with their son's actions, but they also blamed themselves for their failure at parenting.

The letter said that both parents were working in Malaysia, and had little time to spend with their son.

According to the letter, they didn't even know that their son had fallen into bad company until it was too late, and it only hit them after their son was arrested by the police.

See's parents lamented in their letter that they are willing to take their son's place in jail, despite knowing that it was impossible.

They added that they've tried to spend time together as a family, ever since they bailed their son out.

Parents willing to take son's place in jail

His parents wrote in the letter that their son has been reflective, and showed remorse, saying that he is "very sorry" and regretful towards the victim and his parents.

They hoped to support their son for his studies while he serves his time in prison, and help him turn over a new leaf when he returns to society eventually.

About the case

In 2017, See got to know Singaporeans Benjamin Yong Dun Zheng and his girlfriend Chow Chia Suan, both 23.

See proposed robbing prostitutes after the trio discussed possible ways to make money.

Their ruse involved either Yong or See engaging the services of the prostitute, and the others would steal from the victim's bag while she was in the bathroom.

On other occasions, the trio would pretend to be loan sharks and debtor while the prostitute was at Yong or See's home.

The victim will be robbed to pay her customer's "debt" when the other two show up acting as loan sharks.

On Oct. 1, 2017, See contacted the 53-year-old victim, a freelance sex worker, who then asked a Filipina to meet him at his condominium at Canberra Drive in Yishun.

But the Filipina failed to turn up.

See became angry and decided to "take revenge" on the victim.

The next day, he contacted the victim, offering her S$900 for her services and for her to go to Yong's Yishun flat that night.

After she arrived, on Yong's signal, See and Chow banged on the main door and entered the bedroom threatening Yong for payment.

See then pointed a chopper at the victim pulled the victim's bag away from her.

Chow rifled through the bag and took two mobile phones and S$100 in cash.

The victim told See she wanted to go home

But he told her to take off all her clothes and made Chow and Yong to go outside when the victim replied there were too many people in the room.

See then demanded sex while holding the chopper.

The couple did not know what he did in the room.

The victim later left the flat without her valuables and called the police after she reached home.

The trio spent the money that night on food, transport and games at an Internet gaming shop.

Yong was sentenced to 3½ years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane, while Chow was sentenced to four years' jail.

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