Photos of elderly wheelchair user putting leg up against MRT pole make news in S'pore

Commenters were split.

Mandy How| September 21, 01:35 PM

Singaporeans are generally merciless (online) when it comes to inconsiderate behaviour on public transport.

A recent set of photos, however, generated more debate than usual. So much so that it made it to 8world News.

An elderly wheelchair-user was photographed lifting his bare legs and resting them against a MRT pole — a pole that most commuters would be holding on to if they were standing in the spot.

The post was first uploaded to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff, where it gathered more than 500 shares and 350 comments in one day.

In case you can't see:

Photo via All Singapore Stuff/Facebook

Photo via All Singapore Stuff/Facebook

Photo via All Singapore Stuff/Facebook

Split reactions

In response to the post, some Facebook users felt that the elderly man was being inconsiderate.

Note: We believe Raymond means diseased.

Others, however, tried to be more understanding, and thought that the wheelchair user might be having some difficulties with his leg.

One commenter felt that others were imposing their judgement too quickly.

While others felt that it was not a big deal, as it would not affect subsequent commuters much.

Ah well.

Top image via All Singapore Stuff/Facebook