S'pore dad complains about wet tissue in dessert, CCTV footage shows him dropping it in

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Tanya Ong| September 14, 01:05 AM

One family in Singapore recently claimed to have found a piece of wet tissue in the dessert they ordered at a hawker centre, according to Stomp

Found tissue in red bean soup

According to a woman known only as Adeline, her father reportedly ordered three bowls of dessert at Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre.

They then apparently discovered a piece of wet tissue in the red bean soup.

Photo by Adeline, via Stomp.

The father took the bowl back to the stall and requested another bowl of dessert.

According to the daughter, the stall attendant allegedly gave her dad his money back and then "shooed him away".

It is unclear when exactly this incident took place.

Checked CCTV footage

Subsequently, the dessert stall operator went to check the CCTV footage to get to the bottom of the matter.

And it appears that it was the father who had dropped the wet tissue into the bowl.

Approaching Stomp with the video evidence, the stall owner provided the CCTV footage of the incident to clear his name.

The footage clearly showed a man placing his order and waiting for it to be prepared.

He is seen holding a piece of tissue in his right hand.

Screengrab via Stomp video.

From the footage, it appears that the piece of tissue that the father was holding on to then drops into the bowl of red bean soup, which you can see here:

Screengrab via Stomp video.

When the third bowl is placed on the tray, the father leaves with the white object still seemingly in the red bean soup.

Screengrab via Stomp video.


Top photo via Stomp video & Adeline.