Internet celebrity Timstar wins girlfriend back after rebound proposal at Gong Cha bubble tea shop

Life is a wild ride.

Ashley Tan| September 14, 04:20 AM

Finding the one true love can be difficult.

But here's a man that proves that bubble tea can always make things right.

At least that's the case for him.

Timstar looking for love desperately

Timmy Sun, also known as TimStar, is an Internet celebrity who took the world by storm with his determination to find a girlfriend.

Sun has turned to the power of social media to seek for love since 2014.

You might have seen some of his viral videos and posts on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

You might also vaguely recognise Sun from one of his videos, titled "I am looking for a girlfriend", which had gone hugely viral.

With a rather pronounced accent, he declares that he is "back" and has "a chest" and a "six-pack", and is looking for a girl "to sleep on my body, to touch my six-pack, to feel my chest", among other couple-related activities.

He also dropped his famous pick-up line -- "No chest, no sex".

He then asks for viewers who know any single girls, or any girls who can't resist his "sexy body", to tag them in the comments below.

Since then, Sun has posted a large number of videos to his channel, all with slight variations on the "I'm looking for a girlfriend" theme.

The titles vary from "I am looking for a Vietnamese girlfriend" to "I am looking for a BTS girlfriend".

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But gimmick or not, Sun gains quite a bit of attention for his quirks and personality.

Most importantly, he did manage to find what he had been looking for.

Found a girl who loves bubble tea like him

In an update on his personal Facebook page on Jan. 11, 2019, Sun stated he was no longer on the market, and had found his "true love".

He found a girl named Sijia Wang.

Photo from Timmy Sun / FB

They reportedly met at a club in August 2018, and were officially dating at the time of posting.

He also encouraged other single people out there that there was still hope.

Sun also posted a dramatic video with a montage of the both of them to Subtle Asian Traits.

According to Nextshark, Sun tried to convince viewers that his chest and six-pack did turn out useful in the end.

However, he stated later on that his girlfriend apparently did not like him for his six-pack, but for his love for bubble tea instead.

He stated that the reason they could last so long was because "she also likes bubble tea with pearls, half sugar and less ice like I do".

Wang even altered his notorious pick-up line of "No chest, no sex" to "No boba tea, no sex".

Broke up after a year

However, it appears their relationship wasn't exactly a bed of roses.

Sun and Wang apparently broke up on Aug. 24, even though Sun had plans to propose to Wang.

Screenshot from Timstar's Facebook via NextShark.

In a Facebook post on Aug. 25, Sun said that it "wasn't meant to be", and "that's just life because we walk the roads ourselves".

Rebound proposal???

But in yet another surprise twist, Sun proposed to Wang on Sept. 12 because he cannot stand being alone anymore.

He dubbed it a "rebound proposal".

Sun wrote in a post to Subtle Asian Traits that he "realise[d] how hard it was to be single again" and "just wasn’t used to being by myself anymore".

This was when he realised how much he "loved and cared for her", and thought it was time to "initiate" and "take action".

After spamming Wang with texts to "show his commitment", Sun eventually met up with her a few weeks later at a Gong Cha shop and proposed to her with bubble tea in hand.

And Wang said "yes".

Here are some photos of the momentous occasion, with Wang showing off her ring.

Photo from Timmy Sun / FB

Photo from Timmy Sun / FB

Photo from Timmy Sun / FB


What a ride.

Top photo from Timstar / YouTube and Timmy Sun / FB