Taiwanese YouTuber apologises after brouhaha incited from insensitive remarks about M'sians

He says he loves Malaysian food and hopes to visit Malaysia next year.

Zhangxin Zheng| September 08, 10:16 AM

A Taiwanese influencer, Zhong Ming Xuan, has taken some heat from a disrespectful remark he made in a recent video log he made from a trip he took to Singapore.

Zhong travelled to Singapore recently and in one part of his video, he was seen complaining about the discomfort he felt from "that kind of Malaysian" staring at him.

Many who watched the video were offended, lambasting him in the comment section of his YouTube video.

Some commented that they were unsubscribing from his channel, asking him not to visit Malaysia ever.

Uses "that kind" often as "a habit"

On Sep. 6, Zhong uploaded another video log on his Facebook and apologised for what he perceived to be "misunderstanding" of his comments.

He said he was shocked by the messages and comments he received after he reached home that day, and eventually realised what had happened after reading an article from Malaysia's Sin Chew Daily newspaper.

Zhong said he did not have the intent to discriminate against Malaysians by saying "that kind" at all, asserting that he uses "that kind" often as a habit, while adding that he has no reason to discriminate against Malaysians.

He also said he has always loved Malaysian food and some Malaysian guys are, incidentally, his cup of tea.

Here's his apology video posted to Facebook:

Here's the caption he wrote along with the video:




我明年本來有規劃要去玩的,更何況有些馬來西亞的男生真的是我的菜,請不要這樣,我願意再道一次歉,I'm very very sorry!



Here's our translation of it:


This time, I made many Malaysians unhappy, I am very sorry that you guys misunderstood what I meant!

Also, please allow me to go to Malaysia to have fun and eat your food, please!

I originally planned to travel to Malaysia next year, moreover, some Malaysian guys are really my type, please don't do this to me, I am willing to apologise again, I'm very very sorry!

I will remember very clearly the lessons learnt this time!

Next time when I travel, I will understand other countries' culture before my travel!"

No personal attacks on my appearance or sexual orientation, please

While Zhong apologised for the unhappiness caused by his misuse of words, he also stated that he would not tolerate any personal attacks on his appearance or sexual orientation.

In response to those, he said he would not hesitate to retaliate.

Zhong is known to proclaim himself to be an "international beauty" in his videos.

What he wrote:







"After being attacked by scary humans, I think I have to protect my stance as well as my gifted looks.

To those who mindlessly attacked me, I will definitely retaliate. You are human — well hey, so am I."

Whoa, sassy.

Top photo collage from screenshots of Zhong Xuan Ming's video