Taiwanese YouTuber gets flamed for whining about stares from ‘that kind of M’sians’ in S’pore

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Ashley Tan |Zhangxin Zheng | September 6, 2019 @ 05:50 pm


Taiwanese influencer Zhong Mingxuan has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Here’s what he looks like.

He regularly posts video logs of himself to his YouTube channel and on September 3, 2019, Zhong posted a video log of his trip to Singapore.

The seemingly innocuous video, however, has angered Malaysians after a particular comment he made.

Visited Singapore on a whim

Zhong’s six-minute YouTube video showed the entirety of his two-day-one-night trip to the little red dot.

He had apparently purchased plane tickets on a whim, and proceeded to exclaim how he “couldn’t believe” that he had done something so impulsively at the start of the video.

He stated he hadn’t had time to prepare for this spontaneous trip and thus, did not book a hotel in advance.

Upon arriving, Zhong simply hailed a taxi and asked the driver to bring him to any available hotel. He ended up unknowingly staying at a hotel in Geylang.

Some people in Singapore, allegedly Malaysians, made him “uncomfortable”

The video showed Zhong having his meals at a coffee shop and visiting Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Halfway through the video, however, Zhong made a comment that some might have deemed insensitive.

While seated outside MBS, Zhong stated that Singapore is very near to Malaysia, and that he felt “uncomfortable” from onlookers’ staring.

“Since Singapore is so near to Malaysia, there are many of ‘that kind’ of Malaysians here staring at me, and it makes feel so uncomfortable to travel here.”

Zhong then lamented about how he had only been in Singapore for a few hours, but he already missed and wished to return to Taiwan.

He did not elaborate on how he knew these passers-by were Malaysians or why he believed so.

“Feared for his life”

In a taxi ride back to his lodging from MBS, Zhong revealed that the taxi driver had told him that he was actually staying within Singapore’s red light district.

He recalled how during his earlier meal, he witnessed a fight brewing among some people nearby.

He then stated that he feared for his safety and his life.

“Because I’m very observant, I saw a lot of people from ‘this kind of place’, and their faces just looked really scary!”

Zhong then immediately switched to a much fancier hotel elsewhere, where he allegedly received a “secret free upgrade” from the female concierge because she “liked him”.

Towards the end of his video, he congratulated himself for managing “to stay alive till now”.

People triggered

Zhong’s video did not fly with some viewers.

Quite a number of people were particularly unhappy over his comments about Malaysians, and expressed their anger in the comments section.

“What do you mean by that kind of Malaysians?? Don’t you know some basic respect?”

“Whether they are Malays or Malaysians, using ‘that kind’ just feels very disrespectful.”

“You don’t come to Johor Bahru next time, there are many Singaporeans here, I’m afraid that you cannot tell them from Malaysians”

“As a Malaysian, I have enjoyed watching your channel, love how you dare to speak your mind and admire your courage to be yourself. However, I am utterly disappointed after watching this clip. This is not being straightforward but mindless. Since Malaysians make you so uncomfortable, you better not come to Malaysia. I have decided to unsubscribe.”

‘It’s very rare for a YouTuber to capture a tour around Singapore in six minutes’

“Do Malaysians go to Singapore with their identity card or passport placed on their chest or forehead? How does he know those onlookers are Malaysians?”


You can watch the full video here.

Or here.

Top photo from 鍾明軒 / YouTube

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