Swole SCT Imran used to be so skinny that his friends called him a pole

Legend has it that they are not around anymore.

Jason Fan| September 21, 11:37 AM

Swole NSF Recruit Muhammad Imran Bin Azeman is now swole NSF Specialist Cadet (SCT) Imran.

In case you missed it:

With the photo of Recruit Imran during his Weapon Presentation Ceremony going viral, many of us have wondered: Who is Imran? How did he get so buff? Is his encik ok?

Now, some of these questions would be answered, thanks to a Facebook post by MINDEF.

Legend of Imran used to be skinny

It may surprise many that 23-year-old Imran was, in fact, not born this way.

Imran was a national youth rugby player who started playing rugby in secondary school.

He made it into Singapore's National Under 20 team, as well as the Southeast Asian Games training squad.

However, Imran was so skinny that his friends would call him "galah", or pole in Malay.

He began hitting the gym four to five times a week to bulk up when he started his Higher Nitec course in Sport Management.

The rest, of course, is history.

Screenshot from MINDEF's FB.

Had a tough start to BMT

Although it might be easy to assume that Imran would breeze through Basic Military Training (BMT), he had his fair share of struggles at Pulau Tekong.

His fitness was not up to standard, and he even had a fever in his first week.

Eventually, Imran managed to improve his fitness and lose 10kg, and he credited his family for their support.

Naturally, netizens have plenty to say about this as well.

Screenshot from MINDEF's FB.

Even Imran can't go at it alone

Although many believe that Imran could have completed his BMT all on his own, he clarified that he could not have made it without the brotherhood of his platoon and section mates.

He also credited his elder brother, 3rd Sergeant (NS) Muhammad Nurjali, for sharing tips on ways to survive field camp and dig a shellscrape.

Of course, the question is, did Imran survive field camp, or did field camp survive Imran?

Top image from MINDEF's FB.