Sesame Street pop-up cafe in S'pore from Sep. 26 to Dec. 29, 2019

Om nom nom.

Fasiha Nazren| September 11, 08:57 PM

Kumoya is a cafe in Singapore that is known for its cute character-themed pop-up concepts.

Here are a couple of their past concepts, for example:

Sesame Street theme

And here's the next theme they will be bringing in: Sesame Street.

Here's what the cafe will look like.

Artist's impression courtesy of Kumoya

Artist's impression courtesy of Kumoya

Artist's impression courtesy of Kumoya

Cute monster-filled menu

Just like with its previous runs, the menu is designed by celebrity food artist @littlemissbento.

For starters, they have the hand-cut truffle fries (S$13.90).

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

As well as the nacho cheese fries (S$11.90).

Courtesy of Kumoya

There are also other snacks like truffle chicken spam fries (S$11.90) and crispy golden onion rings (S$13.90).

Turning to mains, there's the Elmo-themed Japanese seafood curry rice (S$26.90).

Courtesy of Kumoya

There's also a Cookie Monster-themed Japanese croquette rice with cream sauce (S$22.90).

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

And an Oscar-themed teriyaki chicken katsu burger (S$24.90).

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

With curly fries!

If you've still got room for desserts, there's a Cookie Monster double chocolate cake (S$18.90):

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

Some rainbow pancakes (S$20.90):

And mango kiwi Shibuya toast (S$27.90):

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

There will also be Sesame Street-themed drinks like the cookie shot and matcha milk (S$14.90), which comes with a free five-inch Cookie Monster plushie.

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

There's also a cookies and cream frappe (S$13.90) and a matcha caramel frappe (S$13.90).

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

And if you want to opt for something lighter, there's a mango soda (S$15.90) and a strawberry soda (S$15.90) served with Big Bird and Elmo-coloured cotton candy.

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

These drinks come with a Sesame Street character coaster that you can bring home.

Cookie Monster plush giveaway

Kumoya will also be holding a giveaway for a 40-inch Cookie Monster plush toy worth S$169.

Photo courtesy of Kumoya

To take part, spend a minimum of S$128 in a single receipt.

Each customer is limited to one receipt, which represents a single chance in the lucky draw.

The winner will be selected at the end of the pop-up period.


8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

Opening Hours:

Sep. 26 – Dec. 29, 2019

Tues to Thurs, Sun, 12pm to 9:30pm

Fri and Sat, 12pm to 10:30pm

Closed on Mondays

Note that there is a 90-minute limit for diners and minimum spending requirement of $10.00 per person.

Top image courtesy of Kumoya