Reebok releases Gudetama & Hello Kitty sneakers in Japan


Eileen Lee| September 24, 02:55 PM

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their InstaPump Fury OG sneakers, Reebok has released Gudetama and Hello Kitty versions of the shoes on Sep. 23, 2019.

Image from Reebok

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Gudetama x Instapump Fury OG 

The Gudetama sneakers comes in the lazy egg's iconic yellow and white colours, with Gudetama's face on the signature pump-fit system.

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Hello Kitty x Instapump Fury OG

Likewise, the red and white Hello Kitty Instapump comes with its iconic ribbon, as well as Hello Kitty's face on the pump-fit system.

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Kids can also buy a Hello Kitty version:

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According to Reebok Japan's official blog, the sneakers are only for sale in Japan.

Several sites reported that a global release will also take place, but no official date has been announced yet.


  • Gudetama and Hello Kitty x Instapump Fury OG at 21,600 yen (around S$277.05) per pair
  • Hello Kitty x Versa Pump Fury at 7,009 yen (around S$89.90) per pair

Where to buy: 

  • Reebok online store
  • Reebok store Shibuya
  • Reebok Classic store:

    • Harajuku
    • HEP FIVE store
    • DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
    • AbenoHOOP store
    • Lalaport Tachikawa Tachihi store
    • Lalaport Yokohama Vivre store
    • Nagoya Minato AQULS store

  • ABC-MART stores*
  • ABC-MART Grand Stage stores*
  • ABC-MART Online
  • Atmos Harajuku
  • BILLY’S ENT Online
  • mita sneakers
  • UPTOWN Deluxe Fukuoka store

*Not available in all stores.

Top image from fashionsnap.