Pregnant lady in 4th floor HDB unit hears intense, measured knocks from kitchen window

She was home alone.

Mandy How | September 11, 2019 @ 11:17 am


Despite science and modernity, the paranormal persists as part of our urban landscape.

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If anything, myths and superstitions of old become more intertwined with our everyday lives.

Which is what one family in Singapore experienced.

Seven months pregnant

A video of an alleged haunting was uploaded to Twitter by user @MuhdAfwan23 on Sept. 4, 2019.

According Afwan, the incident occurred in 2018, when his mother was seven months pregnant and home alone.

A prolonged series of steady knocking sounds could be heard, which Afwan claims to have originated from the window.

The catch?

They live on the fourth floor, and the window was not facing the corridor.

You can watch (and listen to) the 45-second video below:

The post has gotten over 12,500 retweets and 9,500 likes.

The video starts off with the filming of the apartment door’s peephole, presumably to show that no one is knocking on the door outside.

The camera then pans and moves closer to the window.

Throughout the video, bursts of strong, even knocks can be heard, although it was not irrefutably proven that it was coming from the window.

In case you can’t see:


The second video shows how improbable it was for any person to climb four stories and knock continuously on the windows:

The window opened up to show a car park downstairs.

Thankfully, nothing happened to Afwan’s mother after the incident.

Creepy, nonetheless.

Top image via @MuhdAfwan23 on Twitter

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