Mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream coated in white chocolate selling in Japan at S$1.85

Thanks, I hate it.

Ashley Tan | September 26, 2019, 06:19 PM

Certain food combinations are just rather perplexing.

Such as when this dessert shop in Macau introduced coriander herb and Sichuan spicy ice cream.

Not to be outdone, Japan has released a rather interesting mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream.

Mayonnaise and white chocolate

Japanese milk products and candy manufacturer Morinaga Milk Industry announced the release of the country's very first mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream bar on Sep. 23, 2019, Sora News reported.

Photo from PR Times

The Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor features a white chocolate center, surrounded by mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream.

The entire thing is then coated in another layer of white chocolate and cookie crumbs.

Here's what the cross-section looks like.

Photo from PR Times

The reason why the ice cream bar has been named "Calorie Monster" is due to the high number of calories the treat boasts.

One single bar is pretty rich and contains 307 calories, a tad less than a cup of pearl milk tea.

Fans of mayonnaise interested in trying this can find the ice cream at convenience stores and supermarkets around Japan.

One ice cream bar is currently selling at the very affordable price of ¥140 (S$1.85), and will reportedly only be available till March 2020.

Top photo from PR Times