Married M’sian man, 41, jailed 2 weeks for showing female colleague video of his genitalia

He lost his job.

Belmont Lay | September 12, 2019 @ 11:42 am


A 41-year-old married man was sentenced to two weeks’ jail on Wednesday, Sept. 11 for showing his younger female colleague an unsolicited video of his penis on his phone.

Details of this bizarre case have been reported by Today.

The Malaysian man, Harris Carter Chai, was chatting with his 25-year-old colleague when he showed her the video.

He claimed that the man having sex with a woman in the video was himself and his ex-girlfriend.

Alluding to his sexual skills, he told his colleague that he was “power”.

Man’s relationship with female colleague

The woman was the man’s subordinate, but he was not her direct supervisor.

He would help the woman in administrative and pay-related matters when occasionally approached by the woman.

They would have casual conversations about their personal lives.

The woman was not named due to a court order to protect her identity.

Court documents also did not reveal the workplace and their occupations.

What happened

On Jan. 29, 2019, Chai and the woman went to the loading and unloading area to talk privately after he asked to speak with her.

While there, he took out his mobile phone and showed her the obscene video.

He also showed her a photograph of what he claimed was his genitalia, and even described it to her.

This turn in the conversation made the woman feel uneasy as it caught her by surprise.

She then left after telling Chai she had to go back to work.

She filed a police report against Chai a week later on Feb. 7.

She was at a loss about what to do and consulted some other people, who advised her to make a police report.

In court

Chai told the court via a Chinese interpreter that he was joking.

“This is my first offence. I didn’t mean to do it to my colleague and we were always joking with each other… Because of this, I lost my job and I’m working as a driver with no steady income now. I need to support my family,” he said.

He pleaded for a fine.

However, the judge disagreed.

She said that a custodial sentence was needed.

“You may have thought it was not so serious but this was not a laughing matter,” she added.

Police officers seized Chai’s mobile phone a day after the report was made and found that it stored 47 obscene videos.

Chai said only one video, which was the video he had shown his colleague, was not downloaded online or received from WhatsApp.

Guilty as charged

Chai will begin serving his sentence on Sept. 18.

He remains out on a S$5,000 bail.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of exhibiting an object intended to insult a woman’s modesty.

He also pleaded guilty to a second charge under the Films Act of possessing 48 obscene films in his mobile phone.

For possessing obscene videos, he could have been jailed up to a year, or fined up to S$40,000, or both.

A similar punishment applies to using any word or gesture intended to insult a woman’s modesty.

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