Li Shengwu taking advice from top UK counsel David Pannick in S'pore contempt of court case

Yes, it's still ongoing.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 25, 2019, 11:05 PM

As you might recall, Singapore's Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) proceeded with its contempt of court case against Li Shengwu back in 2017.

Filed defence affidavit

While many Singaporeans might have forgotten about this, Li posted an update on Wednesday evening (Sep. 25), also shared to his father Lee Hsien Yang's Facebook page:

In his post, Li said he has often been asked if the Singapore government is still pressing charges against him, since it's been awhile.

He reported that he has also just filed his defence affidavit.

Legal team advised by David Pannick

Back in 2017, Li revealed in an interview that he had flown to the United States out of fear that he would be detained if he had remained in Singapore.

He also said that he would defend himself with his own legal team.

In the post, Li further added that his legal team had been advised by Lord David Pannick in the past two years — and if you've been following developments with Brexit, you might recognise his name.

That's because he is among a team of lawyers who just won a landmark case overturning the British government (more specifically its current prime minister Boris Johnson)'s suspension of the UK parliament.

Pannick is a leading lawyer in the United Kingdom who practises mainly in the areas of public law, human rights and constitutional laws.

He also acted in a few high profile cases and his clients include the Queen Elizabeth II and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Top photo collage from Li Sheng Wu's Facebook and Blackstone Chambers