Ex-Mediacorp actress Kate Pang finds mouldy bread at coffee shop, warns S’poreans to check before eating

Take note.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 8, 01:37 pm


Many Singaporeans love to eat out because it is more convenient to do so and hawkers can cook better than most of us.

And so for many, coffee shops will naturally be the go-to place to settle a quick meal, although sometimes one should be cautious to check their food before eating it.

Mouldy bread at coffee shop

Ex-Mediacorp actress Kate Pang took to Instagram to share a less-than-pleasant experience with coffee shop food.

In her post, she said she brought her son and daughter to a coffee shop for a quick bite on Friday (Sep. 6) afternoon.

She ordered a traditional breakfast set, which consists of toast and soft-boiled eggs.

She said her daughter enjoyed the toast very much, but five minutes into eating, she noticed some traces of mould in it.

By this time, her daughter already finished half the toast, making her feel bad for not checking beforehand.

Photo from Kate Pang’s Instagram.
Photo from Kate Pang’s Instagram.
Photo from Kate Pang’s Instagram.

Coffee shop boss offered a refund

Her husband, actor Andie Chen, then took the mouldy bread to the coffee shop manager, who apologised immediately and offered to change a new set for them.

Pang said she feared that it might be from the same batch of bread, however, and rejected the offer.

The manager wanted to give the couple a refund, too, but they declined the offer as they just wanted to ensure he was aware of it.

Pang wrote that she was concerned that the same may happen to other children as the September school holidays have just started.

The couple also informed the coffee shop’s operator about the incident.

Pang told Zaobao that fortunately, her children are fine and did not suffer any stomach discomfort.

Here’s her full post:

Top photo from Kate Pang’s Instagram


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