Jumbo hotdogs with nacho cheese & fried onions bits available at IKEA S’pore for S$2.50 each

Best not to make eye contact while eating it.

Mandy How | September 17, 10:48 pm


Swedish furniture brand IKEA is rather well-known for their food.

When it comes to their bistro, the modestly-priced soft serves and hotdogs are clear winners.

But a new item is in town.

The recently launched Jumbo Hotdog comes at twice the length, and is topped with nacho cheese, spring onions, and fried onion bits.

The bun remains the same size though.

Each serving costs S$2.50.

The Jumbo Hotdog is filed under their “special offers”, which lasts from September 5 – October 27, 2019.

There’s also sugar donuts (S$3 for four), frozen yoghurt (S$1.50), and curry puffs (S$5 for five pieces).

Top image via @little_emporium_of_wanders on Instagram and SunCon Photos/Flickr

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