Lai liao: S’pore Electoral Boundaries Committee for next election formed, deliberations in progress


Jeanette Tan | September 4, 2019 @ 05:11 pm


The Singapore Elections Department has just announced that the committee looking at the drawing of boundaries for electoral constituencies has already been formed, and is in the process of its deliberations.

Its three-paragraph statement does not reveal when it came together — as recently as in July, Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said it had not yet been convened. 

It also did not reveal when it will submit its recommendations to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. From the past GEs, the committee has taken anywhere between two and four months to complete its review.

However, what we do know is it is happening. Now.

Read the statement from the Elections Department in full below:

1 The Prime Minister has convened the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee.

2 The Committee has been directed to review the boundaries of the current electoral divisions and to recommend the number and boundaries of Group Representation Constituencies and Single Member Constituencies taking into consideration significant changes in the number of electors in the current electoral divisions as a result of population shifts and housing development; to further reduce the average size of the Group Representation Constituencies; and to have more than the
current 13 Single Member Constituencies.

3 The Committee is chaired by the Secretary to Prime Minister. It is now in the midst of its deliberations and will make its recommendations to the Prime Minister when it has completed its review.

Singapore has until early April 2021 to hold its next parliamentary election. While many have speculated it to be held this year, a rumour that it will be held this month has been quashed by the Elections Department.

WhatsApp message claims election on Sept. 21, that’s the same weekend as F1 S’pore

But still, lai liao.

Top photo by Yudhishthra Nathan

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