Chinese man films himself pouring boiling water & smashing dog's legs with wooden rod

Next level cruelty.

Ashley Tan| September 01, 04:33 PM

Several rather distressing videos of animal abuse surfaced recently on Instagram.

Posted by animal activist Nom Aly to her Instagram page @nom_aly on August 25, 2019, the two videos depicting the torture of two small dogs were allegedly filmed by a man from China.

It is uncertain where Nom obtained the videos from, but she stated that animal activists in China were allegedly "looking for this animal abuser".

Tortured by scalding water and wooden rod

In the first video, the man behind the camera can be seen striding over to a white dog locked in an extremely tiny cage, with a kettle in one hand.

He then pours some of the boiling water onto the dog, scalding it.

The dog starts thrashing around in the small cage, and can be heard wailing and yapping in pain.

Warning: Distressing material below

[video width="480" height="600" mp4=""][/video]

In a second video, the man filmed himself using a large wooden rod to smack the paws of a brown poodle lying on the floor.

The dog is leashed and appears lethargic—it doesn't seem to put up much of a fight despite the abuse.

[video width="480" height="600" mp4=""][/video]

Non-profit conducting investigation to determine abuser's identity and location

The videos of the dog abuse were subsequently reposted by Animal Hope and Wellness, a California-based non-profit that rescues abused and neglected animals.

They are also involved in global rescue operations, such as rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade in Asia.

In an update on August 29, the organisation stated that they had hired a third party to conduct an investigation into the incident.

At that point in time, they were attempting to determine the abuser's exact whereabouts and identity, and had narrowed down the search for him to within Nanjing city, in Jiangsu province, China.

They also posted a screenshot that allegedly belonged to the abuser's social media profile, and he allegedly had a picture of a burned dog as his profile picture.

However, according to Animal Hope and Wellness, the man has since "erased" his page and unfortunately, there is still no confirmation on the man's identity.

China has no laws against animal abuse

The non-profit's efforts to suss out the dog abuser however, may be hampered by China's legislations, or lack thereof.

China has next to no nationwide laws preventing the abuse, suffering and mistreatment of companion animals (or domesticated animals).

And although there exist laws that protect wildlife, animals being used in research and those in zoos, there are none that protect domesticated animals.

The 10-day Yulin Dog Festival celebrated annually in Guangxi, China is one example of how lax legislations lead to the slaughter of 100,000 dogs, and sometimes cats.

Animal Hope and Wellness stated that tracking down the identity of the dog abuser in the videos is tough, as "law enforcement is not cooperative".

They added that it is uncertain if the dogs in the videos are still alive.

Top photo from @animalhopeandwellness / IG