Employee of Japanese company 'arrested' for nuisance & intoxication. He is also a cat.

He cute, nyantheless.

Guan Zhen Tan | September 01, 2019, 01:01 AM

Cat owners know that if their feline friends could, they would plot to take over the world, and commit unspeakable crimes.

Cat trouble

One particular kitty in Japan was suspected of being a little out of line.

Enter the Aokibosai Disaster Prevention Co. Ltd, which operates construction and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment the Hirano ward of the Osaka prefecture.

In a series of tweets, the company mentioned that it "filed" a criminal report as employees were disturbed by numerous strange noises, such as "meow" during telephone calls.

Tamasuke, the public relations manager of the same company, has been arrested in relation to the case, as he is suspected of having violated the anti-nuisance ordinance.

This is Tamasuke.

Image from Twitter @aokibosai.

Yes, an adorable tabby cat.

The four-year-old Tamasuke tried to justify his actions, saying that he "thought that hearing the voice of your customers is linked to increasing one's motivation while conducting business", and he merely "wanted to experience that for myself too".

"It is only humans who regard 'meows' as strange. I was asserting a valid opinion. It is regrettable that it was considered a nuisance instead," he stated.

Suspected of "drug" use

It was later revealed that Tamasuke is also being suspected of drug use, given that he has been acting irrationally.

Tamasuke was reportedly breaking out in sudden aggressive outbursts, despite appearing to be calm.

The drugs (in reality, cat treats in the form of matatabi or silvervine sticks) were reportedly found in his home, dipped with a mysterious powder.

Tamasuke was subsequently arrested again.

Despite his denial of any use of recreational cat "drugs",  a witness supplied a video of Tamasuke enjoying one of those sticks.

An ex-colleague also reported that Tamasuke had allegedly attempted to coerce him as well.

Ultimately, Tamasuke was not charged, as there was a lack of evidence to argue against Tamasuke's claim that he was framed, and the video had seemingly recorded him being forced to use the "drugs".

In a press conference after the controversial ruling, he apologised for making everyone worry, and that if he was found guilty of any crimes, he asked others to bring him to the police.

With Tamasuke vindicated, he's back at being the hardworking feline he is.

Meowly intense.

Top image adapted via Aokibosai's Twitter