Cyclist strikes moving car, passenger says cyclist allegedly threatens to hurt elderly driver physically

The cyclist also allegedly pushed the 63-year-old driver, and he apparently went to the doctor to treat a muscle tear the next day.

Ashley Tan | September 9, 2019 @ 06:28 pm


Yet another road incident has occured to give cyclists more of a bad rep than they might deserve.

Cyclist squeezed past car and “slammed” it

On September 7, 2019, one Leon Lim Yu Zhi took to Facebook to share about a squabble he and his father had with a cyclist.

Lim had apparently been in a car with his 63-year-old dad at the wheel.

From his writings, it appeared that his father had been pulling out “slowly” from a side road.

A fast-moving cyclist however, allegedly attempted to squeeze in the small space between the car and the kerb.

And when the space was too tight, he “slammed” the side of the car twice, before cycling off.

Lim added that the dashcam in his father’s car was apparently spoilt, and he unfortunately was not able to capture evidence of the road incident.

Driver claims cyclist confronts elderly father and allegedly threatens to kill him

Following this, Lim wound down the window and asked the cyclist to stop.

After Lim explained that there was ample space and no need for him to strike their car, the cyclist allegedly “threw his bike on the grass patch ask us out of the car challenging to a fight [sic]”.

According to Lim, the man then targeted his anger towards Lim’s father and confronted him.

Lim said that the man allegedly pushed his father, saying “You don’t know who I am do you?! I’m a British army officer and I will kill you!”

Video did not reveal full confrontation

A video Lim filmed mid-confrontation and uploaded to Facebook shows him and the cyclist arguing.

Lim can be heard asking for his name, but the cyclist did not respond and instead repeatedly accused Lim and his father of “accidentally pulling out of a side road”.

Meanwhile, the cyclist then stated that he had hit the car to “let [them] know”.

However, the cyclist did not repeat the words that Lim accused him of saying.

The cyclist then starts to apologise but Lim continues berating him for threatening his father.

Father injured day after cyclist pushed him

In an update a day later, Lim revealed that his father had visited a doctor without his knowledge.

Photos of the receipts showed that his father had apparently suffered from a muscle tear to his shoulder.

Photo from Leon Lim Yu Zhi / FB
Photo from Leon Lim Yu Zhi / FB

Lim implied that the injury was attributed to the shove by the cyclist.

His father had even told the doctor the injury was sustained after a confrontation with a “friend”, and did not want to highlight the road incident.

Lim ended off his post by saying that he was most angered by how the cyclist had threatened an elderly person in particular, instead of how he struck their car.

It is uncertain if Lim has reported the matter to the police. He commented on the post that their family would be going overseas and thus “do not want to pursue the matter for now”.

You can read Lim’s post in full here.

Top photo from Leon Lim Yu Zhi / FB

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