Elderly cyclist, 65, in critical condition after colliding with e-scooter rider, 20, in Bedok North

Ride responsibly.

Zhangxin Zheng| September 22, 10:24 PM

An elderly woman, 65, was hospitalised after a collision with an e-scooter, according to Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News reported.

Elderly on the bike collided with e-scooter

The woman, Ong Bee Eng, is in a coma and might be left in a vegetative state after the operation.

Ong was on a bicycle when she collided with a 20-year-old male e-scooter rider at Bedok North, near Block 539 on Sep. 21 evening.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted at 10:24pm.

Ong was unconscious after the accident while the e-scooter rider was conscious.

Both were sent to Changi General Hospital for medical assistance.

The rider was arrested for his rash act.

Bloodstains could be seen at the scene, near a zebra crossing.

Photo by Shin Min Daily News.

Appeal for eyewitnesses

According to Shin Min, one of the witnessed saw the e-scooter speeding by and was likely travelling faster than 50km/h, way past the speed limit of 25km/h on public paths.

He told the reporter that the e-scooter probably did not have time to brake to avoid the collision.

Shin Min also reported that the e-scooter appeared heavily modified and possibly exceeded the weight limit of 20kg and approved width of 70cm long.

This was allegedly the e-scooter involved in the accident:

Photo from Yan Guo Hao's Facebook.

Speaking to The Straits Times, Ong's son, 41-year-old Ng Chin Khai, said that Ong is in critical condition.

An update on Facebook by one Yan Guo Hao wrote that Ong is currently on life support.

Ong's family hopes more eyewitnesses can come forward to assist in the investigation.

Top photo from Yan Guo Hao