S'poreans earning S$5,400+ salary need to work 8.4 days to afford new iPhone 11 Pro

That's the average-earning Singaporean's monthly wage.

Julia Yeo| September 12, 04:59 PM

Singaporeans who earn the average gross monthly salary of S$5,410 will take between eight and nine days of work to earn enough money to buy an iPhone 11 Pro.

This according to an iPhone 11 Pro affordability index by Polish coupon aggregator Picodi, which compared a range of countries' mean monthly salaries against the local listed prices of the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB), just launched overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Singapore's case, taking the mean monthly salary of S$5,410 (S$4,137 take-home, according to the Ministry of Manpower), this extrapolates to 8.4 days of work earnings, dividing the figure against an estimated 21 work days in each month and the listed price of S$1,649 for the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB).

Average-salaried M'sian needs to work one month to buy new iPhone

Our neighbours up north have it worse, though — the mean-earning Malaysian needs a full calendar month (30.1 days) of work in order to afford the iPhone 11 Pro.

And in China, the average salaried worker has to work 30.4 days to afford one, while in Hong Kong, average-level earners have to work 10.8 days.

You can view the whole list of countries compared in this fashion in the graphic they presented below:

iPhone Index 2019 by Picodi

Countries 'leading' the rankings here are Switzerland and the United States, where the average-salaried worker only needs to spend 4.8 and 5.8 days respectively working to afford an iPhone 11 Pro.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Mexico, where the average-earning citizen would need to work approximately 54.2 days in order to earn enough to buy the iPhone at its local listed price.

That's almost two months, even before you take "unimportant" things like food and general living into account.


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